Themes and Issues in a Taste of Honey

 Themes and Issues within a Taste of Honey Essay

п»їThemes and Concerns - A Taste Of Honey by simply Shelagh Delaney

The Styles and IssuesВ

Within A Flavor of Honies Love Racism Family Prostitution Alcoholism Solitary Parenting Abandonment Throughout the textual content, there are manyВ different types of like which are discovered. Throughout the text, the concept of the Racism is definitely evident. Throughout the text, the theme of family members engages a up to date audience. During the play it really is insinuated that both Sue and Peter are alcohol dependent Helen is offered to the market as a partially - slut, not a prostitute. Shelagh Delaney said their self:

" The mother is definitely not a prostitute, nowhere possess i explained she is... "

However , throughout the play, it truly is insinuated that Helen offers sold her body in the past, in paralyzing desparation:

" Now i am thinking of creating up...

Sexual intercourse! Men! "

Helen accepts gifts by her fans as a way of producing a living and supporting Jo:

" And we're allowed to be living away her immoral earnings... " The issue of solitary parenting is usually explored inside the play. Jo is abandoned by a number of people through the entire course of the play; her mother, Geof, Jimmy and her father. She is surrounded by constant letdown when it comes to relying on people. This is why she is personal dependent;

" The time to have taken care of myself was years ago, when I could hardly take care of me personally. " Family members Love, viewed by Jo and Helen;

" It's alright take pleasure in. I'm right here and every thing is okay. "

Though Helen abandons Jo, she does at some point return which has a desire to finally look after her and be the mother that she really should have been in the first place. The idea of intimate relationships and marriage;

It really is presumed that marriage is motivated by simply love. Yet , this is not the case with Helen and Philip. When Jo asks her mother, so why she is getting married to Peter Helen's response is definitely somewhat non-traditional

" He's got a wallet filled with reasons"

This feeling in Helen and Peter's romantic relationship is shared as Peter only unites Helen when he is actually attracted to her. Another element of love which can be portrayed is adultery. В

It is said through the entire play which the reason Helen is a one parent happens because she dedicated adultery in her first marriage. Helen 's wish for sex, lead to the failing of her marriage and an illegitimate child:

" …she experienced me by simply an Irishman - the village fool from the things i can make out. " "... A skip in a hay loft 1 afternoon. You see her spouse thought sex was soiled, and only used the bed pertaining to sleeping in. So , the girl took to himself an fool. ”

Helen also identifies the affair:

" How was I to know you' d materialize, happen out of any little love affair that lasted five minutes? " The theme of love and particularly cheating interests a contemporary audience, while both themes are still relevant to our society. The theme of love is definitely universal and unites a group world wide, of any age. A contemporary audience can easily relate to the theme of like and this is actually a particularly effective as it allows the audience to get in touch to the heroes and plot. Within the text, we can certainly see that racism was a important issue inside society in 1950s Britain:

" JO: My baby will be dark

HELEN: Also don't be so silly, Jo. You'll be providing yourself nightmares. ”

This quotation displays the bias that individuals had towards black people and the disgust that they can felt towards mixed contest relationships in the 1950s. Helen is revolted in the thought of creating a black grandchild, so much so, that she shows that Jo will need to drown the baby:

" I don't know. Block it. ”

Society has moved ahead from the strong racist thinking that people had in Great britain in the post war period, however , the views which the play shows connects with the audience, since racism towards other ethnic minority groups is still ubiquitous within our tradition. The relationship among Helen and Jo is often referred to as dysfunctional. Helen is actually a single parent or guardian who challenges to bring up her only child due to her own self-centered behavior. Helen puts their self...


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